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SYNC Recruiting is the leading provider of fully scalable, sales specific recruiting solutions with a reach that extends nationwide. SYNC tailors all recruiting efforts around the specific needs of each client. Those needs are addressed by providing a combination of candidate sourcing, screening based on your profile and scheduling of the most viable sales candidates in an interviewing format of your choosing.


To sum it up best, we provide on-demand recruiting bandwidth when you need it most. 


What exactly does "on-demand" mean? Great question. Because we proactively seek out talent, rather than waiting for someone to apply to an ad (we leave that blasé approach to our competitors), we are able to provide better candidates faster than anyone else out there. Rest assured that with SYNC you would be well on your way to hiring before most firms could submit their first candidate. 



Don't worry though. Quick turnaround doesn't mean drive-thru quality. We spend the bulk of our prep time ensuring we have accurately identified exactly what type of candidates you are looking for so you get the right selection the first time. Our strength lies in matchmaking and is supported by a unique ability to predict the outcome of the client/candidate relationships that we cultivate. After uncovering top contenders we assume the responsibility of contacting, engaging and any level of screening you wish to be completed. Once we have qualified your candidate the "delivery" method can include coordination of phone screens, video or face-to-face interviews, organization of open house style event or SYNC facilitated interviews in a location of your choosing. 


Our mission is to find the candidates you want, make sure they are a great fit and get them in the hands of your team faster than you ever imagined possible.

As easy as 1, 2, 3 ...



SYNC Recruiting provides you with a full service recruiting partnership that is entirely scalable based on your needs. Our sole focus is to create a relationship where you feel secure and trust that we will deliver what you need when you need it. By adopting your recruiting endeavors as our own we are able to feel the demands you are under and produce a product that will exceed all expectations.

We will strive to become a permanent fixture in your recruiting process and firmly believe that by working together on a continuous basis we can provide results that get even better with time. In addition to ongoing partnerships we also offer services that can be activated or deactivated at any time for clients who need a temporary boost in bandwidth. Either way, think of us as your secret weapon in the war for talent.


Founded in the Atlanta area, SYNC Recruiting was conceived from the love we have for providing true recruiting solutions and the determination to break the stigma our competitors have created. We eat, sleep and breathe recruiting! This passion has not only allowed us to surpass our competition, but has also given us the fuel to grow in to the nation's number one sales specific recruiting firm. 


Whether this is your first experience with outsourcing or your last attempt to find success, SYNC will make you fall in love and never look back. Our team wants to enhance your current recruiting infrastructure because, after all, we are better together.



“Overall, I would say these were the best candidates we’ve ever received and the day was a huge success.  The candidates were polished, asked great questions, answered questions very thoughtfully, were hungry and driven to get into a role like this, and just looked the part.”          
-  Fortune 100 technology company *


“The SYNC Event without question has been a great success! I would like to say a big Thank You!! for the great effort with the quality of the candidate lineup.  Also, with the level of detail and responsiveness.” - Major medical device manufacturer *


“Please see the attached for the final results from the open house - 11 interviews, 4 hires, 36% of those interviewed received an offer. I just wanted to let you know our first project was a huge success. You were and have been consistently amazing!” - Deloitte Technology Fast 500 software firm *


* Skeptical that we are really this good? Reach out and let us prove it!




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